Professional Firefighters of IAFF Local 2878
Serving the Washington State Communities of Issaquah ~ Sammamish ~ North Bend ~ Carnation ~ Duvall ~ Fall City ~Snoqualmie - District 10 & 38
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  • About IAFF Local 2878
    Updated On: Feb 06, 2009

    We are the Professional Firefighters, Officers and Support Staff which keep three separate fire departments operating. We provide services to the Cities of Carnation, Duvall, Issaquah, North Bend and Sammamish. We also provide services to the unincorporated areas of King County near these cities as well as Fall City. King County Fire Districts 10, 27, 38 and 45 are the fire districts we serve.

    IAFF Local 2878 started out in 1982 with 10 members of King County Fire District 10 in the unincorporated area of King County.

    In 1993, the Professional Firefighters of Duvall/King County Fire District 45 chose to organize into Local 2878, but remained and still remains their own fire department and contract. Duvall Firefighters started out with 3 members in the local.

    In 1994, the cities of North Bend and Snoqualmie as well as King County Fire District 38 signed a contract with King County Fire District 10 to provide service. North Bend Local 3413 became members of Local 2878 and dissolved their local. They started out with 6 in their local.

    The Battalion Chiefs of King County Fire District 10 organized and filed with the Public Employees Relation Commission (PERC) requesting its own bargaining group. In 1996, PERC ruled in favor of a separate bargaining. The three Battalion Chiefs are part of Local 2878 and have a separate collective bargaining agreement.

    In 1998, the support staff of King County Fire District 10 which consisted of clerical staff became members of Local 2878 under the Support Staff collective bargaining agreement. (CBA) At the same time, the mechanics also filed with PERC and had the Mechanics CBA. In 2005, the Mechanics and Support Staff CBA's were merged to become one CBA. Currently 15 employees to include mechanics, facility maintenance staff, clerical, and financial staff as well as the Public Information Officer, EMS Coordinator and Assistant Fire Marshals are included under this CBA.

    Issaquah Professional Firefighters Local 3796 became members of Local 2878 when the city signed a contract with King County Fire District 10 to provide services. Fire District 10 remained the legal entity and employer, but with the consolidation, the department changed the name to Eastside Fire & Rescue. At the same time, the City of Snoqualmie decided to withdraw from its contract with Fire District 10 and start their own fire department.

    Fall City Professional Firefighters with King County Fire District 27 Local 4064 joined Local 2878 in 2002 They too remain their own fire department and own contract. Local 4064 started their local with 4 members.

    Snoqualmie Professional Firefighers Local 4028 joined Local 2878 in 2009 bringing an additional 9 members to the larger local. Snoqualmie Firefighters maintain their own fire department and collective bargaining agreement.

    Currently IAFF Local 2878 is proud to have 170 members working under five separate collective bargaining agreements. This local proves that one larger union is more powerful than five different smaller unions.


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